Human Capital Management (HCM)

Our Speciality

Cloud infinity brings you the best Human Capital management services in the industry. Our expert team helps you not only in your end-to-end HR processes but also leverage the latest technological innovations, and empower your organization to adapt to rapidly shifting market dynamics. We have been working with Oracle Cloud for HCM solutions that create a perfect equilibrium with people strategy and business priorities. Made up of a team of top experts with practical know-how and deep expertise in HCM, Cloud infinity is your one-stop solution for all Human Capital Management related tasks.

Latest models

Our team is constantly updating and practicing the newest models of HCM based on thorough research. We use premium quality tools to design a model that fits your company’s vision and objectives.


We create models that are best suited for you, not the ones that we are comfortable with. We keep pushing the envelope a tad bit further with every client. Doing something new and exciting is what keeps us motivated to do better every time.


Cloud infinity makes sure that you get the best of market practices when it comes to HCM. We are determined to bring innovative ideas to the table that are never heard of before.

  1. Global Human Resource (Core HR)
  2. Profile Management
  3. Goal Management
  4. Career Development
  5. Performance Management
  6. Succession Management
  7. Talent Review Management
  8. Oracle Recruiting Cloud (ORC)
  9. Oracle Learning Cloud (OLC)
  10. Oracle Taleo

Your wait is over. Cloud infinity is your trusted partner in implementing HCM projects in your organisation.

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